Jim Cramer reveals ‘quick and dirty’ Wall Street tricks for buying cloud stocks

On Monday, Jim Cramer revealed ‘quick and dirty’ tricks that investors may use for assessing enterprise software stocks like a Wall Street expert. In recent weeks because of the rotation from secular to cyclical investments high-flying cloud equities have taken double-digit. Thus, the ‘Mad Money’ host warned that it’s timeContinue Reading

Saudi Oil Attack

Saudi Arabia’s stock market fell by 2.3{6c2ee02bcd8e4babb54279c3ba0da46f03ed822bc96c85cd54ee7f8408144ace} at Sunday’s open as the country grappled with weekend drone attacks on the heart of its oil production facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels.   Reports that the country may take weeks to return to full oil supply capacityContinue Reading

Saudi Oil Attack

Coordinated strikes on key Saudi Arabian oil facilities, among the world’s largest and most important energy production centers, have disrupted about half of the kingdom’s oil capacity, or 5{6c2ee02bcd8e4babb54279c3ba0da46f03ed822bc96c85cd54ee7f8408144ace} of the daily global oil supply.   Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Saturday took responsibility for the attacks, saying 10 drones targetedContinue Reading

Market Watch

The Dow Jones Industrial Average eked out an eighth-straight gain Friday, while the blue chip index and the S&P 500 remain within striking distance of fresh all-time highs as Sino-American trade tensions ease and central banks support risk taking with economic stimulus measures. How did the major benchmarks perform? TheContinue Reading